Moving energy from where it is to where it's needed

has never been more challenging. Yet, despite all that's changed in the pipeline industry over the years, our commitment remains the same: Build quality pipelines, safely, on time, within budget and in total compliance with environmental regulations.

Fifty plus years ago, in the first full year after the end of World War II, the U.S. economy was booming, as was consumer demand for energy which was cheap, abundant, and readily available. Oil and gas were abundant from the marshlands of Louisiana to the rugged plains of West Texas, and in this environment, several pioneers of the industry founded Associated Pipe Line Contractors, Inc. The company was innovative from the start, creating installation techniques and utilizing special equipment to improve pipeline productivity over difficult terrain
"We've always been willing to take on the most difficult jobs, and to make sure they are completed under budget and on time," says chairman and CEO Paul Somerville. Regardless of the challenges, the company's focus is straightforward: to move energy from where it is to where it needs to be. Since its founding in 1946, Associated has constructed more than 16,000 miles of pipeline overland and 5,000 miles of pipeline through shallow water and marshlands.   Lines of communication
faster better job.
It's a win win.
  Our priority on every job is safety & adhering to environmental regula...  
For nearly three generations, Associated Pipeline has earned a reputation for quality and innovation that’s second to none. By demanding excellence from ourselves, we’re helping meet the world’s growing demand for energy. Others may be satisfied with the ordinary; as for us, we never settle for anything less than the very best in everything we do. Be it big inch, or little inch. Mainline or rehab. From mountains to marshes, forest or farmlands, be it around the world, or around the corner- whatever it takes, wherever it takes us, whatever you’re needs.....Associated is ready.   We take them all!  
For over half a century,
On four continents,
We've built more than 25,000 miles of pipeline

  Total Compliance
Not a catch phrase
A Commitment!